Court Reporting Services in Honolulu, Hawaii

Court reporting is the core service offered by Ali’i Court Reporting and we’re pleased to be the most respected, trusted court reporting agency in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our experience and familiarity with courtroom protocol and procedure allows us to provide comprehensive notes and transcription no matter the nature of the case. In fact, we have a full scope of expertise in reporting on cases of all types, including:

Our stenographers focus on accuracy and completeness to ensure every single detail of courtroom proceedings are captured in their entirety.

Realtime Reporting

Realtime reporting is essential for a stenographer in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our well-trained professionals have mastered this certification, enabling them to quickly transcribe in real time, so read-backs and summarizations can be made as a trial proceeds. This invaluable skill makes us a first choice for courtrooms with fast-paced exchanges and intricate detail.

Thorough Certifications

Not only is Ali’i Court Reporting tremendously experienced in all facets of court reporting, we’re also heavily licensed and accredited. Among our many designations, you’ll see that we are:

  • A Certified Realtime Court Reporter
  • A Certified Shorthand Reporter
  • A Registered Professional Reporter
  • Members of the National Court Reporters Association
  • Our team is expressly trusted by attorneys and law professionals throughout the Islands, and we take pride in continuing to meet the high standards set down by our accreditations.

Public and Private Trials

We’re available for both public and private trials, and we’re familiar with the nuances that both types of proceeding bring with them. Trust us for civil matters, criminal cases and more. We guarantee transcription accuracy and thoroughness to ensure the record is firm at every stage of the trial.

For more information about our transcription capabilities or to speak to us about hiring a courtroom stenographer, please contact us today by calling 808-394-2544.